KeithMcD, now with a MobileMe

Today I got a package from Amazon. In it was something I’ve been waiting a week for. It was the MobileMe I had ordered! If you order it from Apple or directly online, it costs you $99. The pre-order price from Amazon was $89. The only problem with this is that you have to wait for the box to come.

Well, it did finally get here today. It’s really kinda nice. It’s a white little box. It has the MobileMe logo on the front and the back has some quick info about the service. Well great – I’ve waited a week for this, now what’s actually inside the box? You’d be surprised. No, it’s not a DVD or anything with required software. That’s all available from Software Updater once you’ve added your account in System Preferences. So what did I wait a week for? The activation code. Yep, the only thing of any value inside the box is a piece of paper that tells you to go to and gives you a 16 character code. That kinda sucked since that’s a long wait for just that.

Well, went ahead and got the account created pretty quickly. If you do have an activation code during the setup, then you don’t even have to enter any credit card information if you don’t want to setup the service to automatically renew. Of course, this information should be entered fairly soon after the account is created so that it is not forgotten about in the end.

After account creation, everything is immediately available – email, gallery, contacts, calendar and iDisk support. Soon I’ll post more to go along with this as a follow up.

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